Product of the month in September: jazz flugelhorns

These two wonderful jazz or Périnet flugelhorns look great in our showroom and would surely look very nice in your practice room as well. We now offer a hand-crafted kuhlohorn with rotary valves, but if you don’t want to spend quite as much to get the warm, dark sound of a flugelhorn, one of our jazz flugelhorns by B&S and Jupiter might be just the thing. These instruments combine modern looks, convenient handling and durability and are a good fit for musicians used to a trumpet’s rotary valves as well.

The B&S flugelhorn, fully manufactured in Germany, is made from brass and sports a trigger as well as water keys on the first and third slides and the branch. The Jupiter flugelhorn has the same features but, as a foreign-made product, comes at a slightly lower price. Its corpus is made from gold brass, providing an even warmer sound.

In terms of value for money, both instruments are definitely a great choice. Stop by anytime, and try them.

During September, we offer a discount of 5 % on the shop price of our jazz flugelhorns.

The Kroning family

Product of the month in August: lessons

Dear customers,

Just like last vacation season, we would like to introduce you to our music lessons for low brass instruments at our workshop. Starting with the new school year, or even before that if you like, we’ll be happy to invite you to take individual regular classes or short-term tutorials with us, with flexible scheduling and at a good price. We cater to any age and level of experience. With us, you can study the following instruments:

  • Tuba, helicon, sousaphone (B♭, F, E♭, C)
  • Baritone horn, euphonium, bass trumpet (treble and/or bass clef)
  • Tenor trombone, bass trombone

Apart from teaching instruments, we also offer classes on music theory and musical history.

We bill by individual teaching unit, and you’ll receive an invoice for all classes you have attended during one month in the following month. This way, you don’t have to pay for each lesson individually but still don’t have to cover missed units, for example if you’re ill and cancel 24 hours in advance.

Go ahead and schedule a trial session to see what we’re about.

As instrument builders, we can also give you advice on instruments and mouthpieces and repair instruments right here in our workshop. Likewise, any sheet music required, such as methods for a specific instrument, are available directly from us.

We’re looking forward to your visit!

The Kroning family

Product of the month in July: Kroning B♭ trumpets

5 % discount on July orders!

This month, we’d like to spotlight our masterfully crafted B♭ trumpets. Whether your old trumpet is no longer to your liking, has seen better days or you’re just ready for a new one – just pop by our workshop and try out a new instrument. Our modular testers allow you to mix and match various bells, bores, leadpipes and tuning slides so you can find the best combination for you. Of course, we’re happy to help you make a decision. Available extras for our B♭ trumpets include a double trigger for the first and third slide, pressure relief vents and up to three Vienna keys. We’ll also accommodate special requests like adjusting the trigger lever for a perfect fit, adding custom engravings and more. If you don’t need quite as many options to choose from, you can pick from a shorter list of selections as well. We can recommend popular combinations based on your personal needs.

Of course, you can select any type of finish. From classic lacquer to silver plating, gold lacquer, gold plating or any of these with a brushed finish – we have you covered. More info on our website, and price lists directly from us.

Product of the month in June: reconditioning jobs at a discount

Press down on your instrument’s valves and listen closely. Do you hear a clack? Feel the valve action through your fingertips. Does the valve stick a little or does it even get stuck completely sometimes? Does the slide on your trombone move as freely as it should, no force needed?

The truth is: your instrument can always be improved! Many players might not even realise some parts of their instrument aren’t shipshape and need mending. If you choose our reconditioning service, we will remove any clacking noises and play and return your instrument fully cleaned on the inside and in perfect playing order. In the process, we will also free stuck slides and grease them so they move as they should.

Our cleaning method leaves unlacquered instruments brighter than before, and we will polish the entire instrument on your request to give it back its lustre. As an additional service, we can remove dents or replace old mechanical parts with low-maintenance ball joints. This month, we offer all reconditioning jobs at a 10-% discount!

By the way, we also offer complete overhauls for all brass instruments that will leave yours looking as good as new. This includes full dent removal, replacement of corroded and irreparable parts as well as reconditioning. After the refurbishment, we will polish your instrument to a high shine, re-lacquer or silver-plate it according to your wishes. If you desire any other type of finish, we’re also happy to help. Either way, you’ll benefit from the high standard of quality to which we hold our work!

If you have a chance to bring your instrument in now, before the summer vacation, we recommend you take it. It’s our experience that we have a greater workload during summer, which translates to a considerably longer wait for you.

The Kroning family

Product of the month in March: lighting equipment

Even as the days are already getting longer, this is still the dark time of the year, especially when the sky is overcast, and it doesn’t hurt to have a lamp on your music stand to switch on for better visibility.

This month, we have various music stand lights and accessories on offer, such as the popular and compact Mighty Bright Duet 2. Attachable to your music stand by clip, the two goosenecks emit a bright light so you can see your sheet music better. The goosenecks can be adjusted to face any way you like, and the durable LEDs have two brightness settings. There’s even a solution to the problem of the clip getting in the way of your sheets: there are magnets available that can be slid over the lamp’s mount so it can be easily attached to the back of the stand. You can even add magnets to your existing music light.

Musicians looking for an even firmer and more comfortable attachment should try the Mighty Bright Orchestra Light. It’s equipped with a flexible gooseneck and a lamp that is 210 mm wide and has two brightness settings as well. It can be powered by battery or plugged into an outlet. A bag is included.

If you’re looking for other types of music lights, talk to us so we can order the right product for you.

By the way, should you ever get tired of practising, our music stand lights will also serve you well as a comfortable reading light or on a camping holiday.

Stop by our showroom, and find a suitable light source for wherever you like to practise!


The Kroning family

Product of the month in February: mouthpiece pouches

It’s a familiar problem: you’re carrying several mouthpieces to adapt to different demands, but they keep knocking about somewhere in your instrument case or in a side pocket of your gig bag, getting dented and scratched or, because of their weight, damaging other small items or even your instrument. So why not get a nice mouthpiece pouch to keep your mouthpieces organised and protected? No matter if you play the trumpet, horn, trombone or tuba – we offer mouthpiece pouches of all sizes for one to four mouthpieces. Our pouches are compact, well-padded and have two additional compartments for mouthpiece brushes, adapters or other accessories. We also carry single-mouthpiece pouches made from real leather with a loop on the back for attachment, for example to your belt. Mouthpiece pouches fit neatly in your instrument case, gig bag or sheet music bag. Feel free to stop by and try them!

Yours sincerely,

The Kroning family

Product of the month in January: tubas

This new year, we would like to make you an offer you can’t refuse. If you purchase one of our tubas in stock until 28 February 2019 you’ll get four 45-minute lessons as a gift!

In our showroom, a Cerveny CVBB-686-4B Symphonia 3 B tuba is waiting for a devoted tubist to call it their own. The instrument is a 4/4 B tuba with four valves and a trigger for the second valve slide. The leadpipe is made from corrosion-proof nickel silver, while the mechanics are smooth and reliable thanks to Minibal ball joints. Tonally, it’s a genuine all-rounder. Blown softly, it has a round and warm tone, but it can provide you with quite a bit of growl at fortissimo.

The second tuba on offer is a Cerveny CVFB-651-5GR Harmonia 3 F tuba. As a five-valve 4/4 tuba with a trigger for the second valve slide, it can be used for high-range solos as well as the contrabass register. The leadpipe is made from corrosion-proof gold brass, and the bell sports a nickel silver rim. Its impressive intonation and classic F tuba sound would make it a great instrument for someone just getting into F tubas.

Stop by our lovely workshop in Chemnitz, and try out our tubas! No matter if you’re a beginner or a dab hand, these instruments, along with the free lessons, will help you advance.

The Kroning family

Product of the month in November: Christmas presents

Dear customers,

Christmas is drawing nearer, but there is still plenty of time to give your presents for your loved ones the thought they deserve and do your Christmas shopping without haste. We have stocked up on our existing items and even added a few new ones for the occasion. Of course, any product from our shop will make a great Christmas gift, but this month we’ll present some that should prove particularly popular:

A go-to classic we can warmly recommend is a gift card, which enables the lucky recipient to take their pick from our entire range of products and services.

Another option is Christmas sheet music for brass choirs and solo instruments with or without play-along CDs as well as duets, a special Yuletide addition to our shop.

For those with an appreciation of nice things, we carry instrument pins and engraved bottle openers.

Almost all musicians need sheet music, and we stock magnets and clamps to keep them from flying away. Our music stand range includes accessories such as cup holders, various trays, holders for mutes, lamps, pencils with magnets and, of course, music stands and bags.

For a festive atmosphere, we offer CDs with music for the Advent season and Christmas but also other music by Harmonic Brass.

Of course, this is just a small selection from our overall range. Just pop over and check it all out yourself!

Yours sincerely,

The Kroning family

Product of the month in October: good neighbourly relations

Many brass players are familiar with this problem: you need to practise but don’t want to bother your neighbours. That’s when you start looking for a compromise, and one solution is to use a practice mute.

We offer mutes made by the renowned Scottish manufacturer Wallace for all brass instruments. They won’t change your instrument’s pitch and only have minimal impact on playability while reducing the volume. They come with a sturdy and attractive design.

Also, we have just the thing for musicians seeking to alter the tone of their instrument, either to expand their musical range or to conform to the requirements of a specific piece. We always have wah-wah, cup and straight mutes in stock and can order from an even wider selection at short notice.

Just stop by and try it yourself!

All the best

The Kroning Family

Product of the month in September: musical instruments

Dear customers,

This month, we would like to introduce you to our selection of instruments permanently in stock. Apart from our own designs, currently in development, we have a range of great instruments for beginners, advanced players and professionals on offer.

In our shop, you can find trumpets by B&S, Kühnl und Hoyer and Jupiter, flugelhorns by B&S and Jupiter, trombones by Kühnl und Hoyer and Jupiter, a euphonium by Jupiter, a Cerveny baritone horn, a Hans Hoyer double horn and two Cerveny tubas, all ready to be tried out by you. Also, we can order instruments for you from the product ranges of B&S, Melton, Hans Hoyer, Besson, Antoine Courtois, J. Scherzer, Jupiter, Cerveny, Kühnl und Hoyer, Jürgen Voigt, Holton, C.G. Conn, King and Vincent Bach. Of course, we are happy to help you make an informed decision.

Until the end of the year, our Cerveny stock will be on special offer: a CVBB-686-4B Symphonia 3 B tuba with four valves and a trigger, a CVFB-651-5GR Harmonia 3 F tuba with five valves and a trigger and a CVEP-536-4 B baritone horn with four valves.

Just stop by and talk to us!

The Kroning family