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    We offer a comprehensive range of brass instruments and accessories.

    Besides our core business, crafting new master instruments and providing masterful repair services, we also sell brass instruments built by a select number of manufacturers as well as accessories and sheet music.

    In addition, we can offer you classes on all low brass instruments, beginner and advanced level, as well as the engraving by hand of musical instruments and a variety of metal items.

    Go ahead and visit our workshop in Chemnitz to get an impression of our diverse offerings!


    Anna and Bernhard Kroning,
    Instrument makers

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Happy new year

We wish all our customers and business partners a happy and successful new year full of health and music! As of today, we are back for you and your instrument. Best wishes Team Kroning

Instruments have arrived in Uganda

Those were exciting Easter days for our friends in Mbale, Uganda! Finally they were able to pick up the around 100 donated musical instruments at the airport in Entebbe. They were received very gratefully and joyfully. It's great what we have achieved together! Thanks again to our partner, the fire…

Product of the month in October: piccolo trumpet

The high B♭/A trumpet is our range topper when it comes to trumpets. As the highest-pitched type of trumpet, it’s expected to meet the highest demands for a brilliant tone, precise intonation and comfortable response – a feat we think we have achieved once more with this instrument. Depending…


If you entrust us with taking care of your instrument, you can sleep easy. In our master workshop, we offer all kinds of repair services from restoring an instrument to playing order to customisation, tuning and complete overhauls.

  • Disassembling the instrument and freeing stuck slides or valves
  •  Thorough and careful cleaning of all parts
  •  Straightening out, lapping and tightening of linkages, axles, slides, triggers and valves as required
  • Replacing all wearing parts (water key corks, silicone bumper stops, felts etc.)
  • Assembling and testing for playability
  • Surface-friendly straightening out of bumps and dents on request
  • Improving ergonomics, refitting for use with disabilities
  • Intonation optimisation, repitching
  • Fitting and altering triggers
  • Fitting additional valves
  • Manufacturing leadpipes
  • Disassembling the instrument and freeing stuck slides or valves
  • Unsoldering the instrument as required
  • Thorough and careful cleaning of all parts
  • Straightening out, lapping and tightening of linkages, axles, slides, triggers and valves as required
  • Replacing any corroded or irreparable parts
  • Straightening out all parts and removing bumps and dents
  • Reworking corroded surfaces
  • Prepolishing
  • Soldering the instrument together
  • High-shine polishing
  • Finish of your choice (e.g. lacquer, silver plating, gold plating, brushing)
  • Replacing all wearing parts (water key corks, silicone bumper stops, felts etc.)
  • Assembling and testing for playability


In our Chemnitz workshop, we hand-craft various master-grade instruments. This is our current product range, but we’re also happy to manufacture other instruments on demand.


In unserer Werkstatt finden Sie neben unseren eigenen Meisterinstrumenten auch Instrumente anderer Hersteller, Zubehör und Noten. Wir bieten Blechblasinstrumente von Antoine Courtois, B&S, Besson, C.G. Conn, Cerveny, Getzen, Hans Hoyer, J. Scherzer, Josef Gopp, Jupiter, Jürgen Voigt, King, Kühnl & Hoyer, Lidl Brno, Melton, Miraphone, Vincent Bach und XO an. Eine kleine Auswahl haben wir ständig auf Lager und die übrigen Instrumente der genannten Hersteller können wir zeitnah für Sie bestellen.

An Zubehör können Sie bei uns Noten- und Instrumentenständer, Mundstücke, Koffer und Gigbags, Dämpfer, Pflegemittel und vieles weitere erwerben. Gerne beraten wir Sie auch ausführlich, vor allem bei der Mundstückwahl.

An Noten führen wir einschlägige Schulen, Etüden, Posaunenchorliteratur und Noten für kleine Blechbläserbesetzungen.

Außerdem handeln wir mit gebrauchten Instrumenten. Zögern Sie also nicht uns Ihr nicht mehr benötigtes Instrument anzubieten! Sollten Sie auf der Suche nach einem geprüften Gebrauchtinstrument sein, finden Sie hier unseren derzeitigen Warenbestand:


We engrave all our master instruments ourselves and can also provide you with custom engravings for your personal instrument or other metal item. Because our engravings are done by hand, there are no limits in terms of design. We’re happy to offer our engraving services to fellow instrument makers as well.

These are some examples of possible designs:


Do you or your child want to learn to play an instrument but have no prior experience? Are you an old hand at your instrument but wouldn’t mind some pointers?

We hold lessons for both beginners and advanced learners on a variety of instruments in our own rehearsal room on our premises. We can offer flexible scheduling and are happy to accommodate your personal requirements.

We offer lessons for:

  • Tuba, helicon, sousaphone
  • Baritone horn, euphonium, bass trumpet
  • Tenor trombone, bass trombone


Should you wish to try your hand at working on your instrument yourself, learn more about instrument-making or improve your playing skills, you might be interested in one of our growing number of workshops. Send us an e-mail or call to sign up.


Meisterinstrumente Kroning is the family business of Anna and Bernhard Kroning. Since the founding our own business in Chemnitz in 2017, we have been offering our services with dedication to both amateur players and professionals in Central Saxony and beyond.

Anna Kroning

Born 1990 in Burgstädt, I grew up in Meerane and Borna near Leipzig. After graduating from musical college in Markkleeberg, I set off towards Neubrunn near Würzburg for my apprenticeship. This is where I met my husband, Bernhard. After my time as an apprentice, I worked with a different instrument-making company in that area and concurrently completed my master craftsman training in Würzburg and Markneukirchen between 2014 and 2016. During that time, I also learned how to engrave by hand from an experienced engraver. From 2016 to 2017, I ran my own part-time engraving business. In 2017, our son Richard was born, and we moved to Chemnitz to make our dream of opening our own business a reality. In 2019, we had our second son, Tristan. I play the french horn, the trumpet and the piano. Also, I’m an active member of our local brass choir.

Bernhard Kroning

I came into the world in the Hessian town of Fulda in 1987, where I also spent my childhood. After completing my A levels, I started my apprenticeship in Lohr am Main, near Würzburg. With my wife, I underwent training as a master craftsman between 2014 and 2016 in Würzburg and Markneukirchen while working. After our son Richard was born, we decided to move to Chemnitz, which is where we finally carried out our long-time plan of starting our own company. I’m a level-C brass choirmaster and have considerable experience as a music teacher, especially for low brass, and as a conductor. I have played all brass instruments, but I’m most at home in the low brass department, particularly with the tuba, baritone horn and trombone.

Jeremia Zeschke

I was born in 2004 in Chemnitz, which is also where I attended school and graduated from the Protestant School Centre. At age 5, I started out studying the trumpet, which lead to my participating successfully in Jugend musiziert several times. Today, I also have some experience on the drums and the piano. From 2021, I have been a brass instrument maker apprentice with Meisterinstrumente Kroning. I play the trumpet with both Youblo and the Youth Symphony Orchestra at the Chemnitz Municipal Music School.

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