Product of the month in October: piccolo trumpet

The high B♭/A trumpet is our range topper when it comes to trumpets. As the highest-pitched type of trumpet, it’s expected to meet the highest demands for a brilliant tone, precise intonation and comfortable response – a feat we think we have achieved once more with this instrument. Depending on the choice of leadpipe and bell, a great variety of tonal preferences are covered.

The trumpet is equipped with a bell hammered and bent by hand as well as B♭ and A pipes including valve slide conversion rings for tuning in A. Another feature on our model is the water key, while a trigger, pressure relief vent and detachable bell are optional.

As with all of our instruments, various combinations are possible, and all of them can be tried out before an order is placed. For example, a tight or medium bell is available, so are two leadpipes of different bores and materials, one for each pitch version. Also, there is a selection of valve assemblies from different manufacturers.

For more technical specifications, pricing and appointments for trying out instruments, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Ihr Team Kroning