Product of the month in August: Crescendo – Die Posaunenchorschule

Dear customers,

This month, we’d like to introduce you to a very special method for learning to play brass instruments: Crescendo – Die Posaunenchorschule. As its name – The Trombone Choir Method – indicates, it’s particularly suitable for brass players starting out in a trombone choir or those desiring to get better, and it’s also written in the key of C. Various subjects are covered: it helps you read music, you learn about breathing techniques, keys, rhythm and much more. Even if you already know how to play an instrument, you’re sure to find interesting études and relevant information. All explanations are provided with descriptive graphics, making the method especially suited to children but also helpful to older players. In the back, you’ll find a collection of two-part songs and recital pieces. Even a Christmas section is included. Color-coded indexes help you navigate the various sections quickly and invite you to browse the contents. The coil binding is practical and makes leafing through the pages and standing up the whole book very simple.

With education and support for young players becoming more and more important, methods like this are what is needed to make good progress and have fun at the same time.

You’re welcome to find out for yourself in our shop or do a little browsing. We also carry numerous other methods and études for brass instruments, both in trombone choir and orchestral notation.

Best regards,

The Kroning family

Product of the month in July: special-purpose bags

Dear customers,

This July, instead of instrument bags, we’d like to introduce you to our range of bags for various accessories. For example, we offer a wide variety of mouthpiece pouches for all mouthpiece sizes, fitting one to four mouthpieces. They are compact, well-cushioned and boast additional smaller pockets for adapters, mouthpiece brushes or similar items. Our small pouches for individual mouthpieces are made from real leather and equipped with a loop on the back for attachment to your belt, for example.

In addition, we offer mute bags for one or more mutes. The latter kind feature an additional accessory pocket. Various loops, hooks and handles allow for individualised fastening and carrying.

Of course, we also have bags for all common types of music stands in store, as well as special combined bags for a music stand plus baritone / tuba stand or a music stand plus trombone stand.

Best regards,

The Kroning family

Product of the month in May: mutes

Dear customers,

Mostly, all of us still have to practise at home, even though our places might not be ideally suited to it. Before you consider moving, however, we have a less costly proposition for you: practice mutes. Practice mutes are in high demand right now, and that’s why we’ve made them our product of the month.

We offer mutes by the renowned Scottish brand Wallace for all brass instruments. Rather than altering intonation or playing feel, Wallace practice mutes almost exclusively affect volume. That way, you’re free to spend any extra time you might have on your hands for practice without being a nuisance to your neighbours.

Of course, we also carry straight, cup and wah-wah mutes for various instruments. If we don’t have a specific mute in stock for you or if you prefer a product from a different manufacturer, we can still help you out in most cases and order through our wholesaler.

Feel free to stop by, try our mutes and ask us for help with any questions you might have.

The Kroning family

Product of the month in April: alterations, additions, upgrades

Dear customers,

This month, we’d like to direct your attention to your options of having your instrument improved in our workshop in case you don’t wish to invest in a new one. Your trumpet has no trigger on the third slide and you, the conductor or the player next to you are forever dissatisfied with its pitch? We will gladly advise you on trigger retrofits and, of course, carry them out. Another feature we can retrofit is Vienna keys for better precision in the upper register. But we can soup up your low-range instruments as well. Many, particularly older, tubas and baritones have only three valves, which may negatively affect their pitch. We can remedy that by adding valves, which also increases the bottom range. On the basis of an inspection of your instrument, we can advise you about your best options.

Another simple addition to your instrument might prove very useful: water keys. They will save you the effort of constantly removing slides, speed up the draining process and mean less wear for the slides, keeping them tight for longer. We also offer ergonomic upgrades, which means we can help if your instrument is awkward to hold or needs to be adjusted to a physical impairment you might have. Another service we offer is tuba leadpipe customisation. So if you’re unwilling to part with your instrument, or if you’d just like to save some money, take us up on our offer and put your instrument in our capable hands.

The Kroning family

Product of the month in March: kuhlohorn

Dear customers,

We decided that March is going to be the month of the kuhlohorn. Our update of the traditional kuhlohorn, a recent addition, has already met with great interest and is on its way to becoming our top seller. For those not familiar with the term kuhlohorn, a brief description: a kuhlohorn is an oval flugelhorn with a conical tuning slide. Its pitch is identical with a normal flugelhorn, and its tone, often described as very warm, dark, soft and round, is similar, too. The instrument was developed in the late 19th century by Johannes Kuhlo, the originator of the German trombone choir movement, in collaboration with an instrument builder.

Today, kuhlohorns are still very popular, especially with trombone choirs. Unfortunately, most instruments remaining in service today are very old and offer only inadequate intonation.

That’s why, among other improvements we have incorporated, we addressed the issue of tuning, updating it to modern-day standards. Also, we use gold brass in the manufacture of our kuhlohorns in order to make them more durable and give them a softer tone. A fourth valve is available as an option and allows you to use the kuhlohorn’s full range. Our instruments come standard with triggers, water keys and exchangeable leadpipes.

For a first-hand impression of our kuhlohorn’s attractive looks and quality, visit our workshop in Chemnitz!

The Kroning family

Product of the month in February: mouthpieces

Dear customers,

This month, we’d like to introduce you to our broad selection of mouthpieces. A good mouthpiece is important for good intonation, embouchure, response and feel and should be selected with care. For trumpets, piccolo trumpets, French horns, baritone horns, trombones and tubas, we offer a variety of high-quality mouthpieces from the JK Exclusive (Josef Klier) range.

We also stock mouthpieces at a more modest price point. You can choose from various sizes from the JK USA range as well as Arnolds & Sons and GEWA mouthpieces.

If you come to our shop, we can provide detailed information about everything you need to know. Should your desired mouthpiece not be in stock, we will order it for you. If, however, you can’t see yourself parting with your old mouthpiece, we’re happy to refurbish or clean it or even add a new, durable silver, gold or partial gold plating.

Yours, The Kroning family

Product of the month in January: used instruments 10 % off

This month, our product of the month comes with 10 % off for the entire duration of January, a discount now offered on our current product of the month: our selection of used instruments.

We always have a range of used instruments in stock as we regularly accept well-preserved instruments as trade-ins, repair them meticulously and offer them for sale on various channels. We also keep a waiting list of customers looking for a kind of instrument that’s not currently in stock. That way, we can offer you your desired instrument the moment we lay hands on one and before it’s snatched up by somebody else. Every instrument leaves our master craftsmen’s workshop in good playing order.

The instruments waiting for you right now can be found on our website:

Please come talk to us if you’re looking for something we don’t currently have in stock or if you’re selling an instrument!

The Kroning family

Product of the month in December: Christmas gifts

It’s that time of the year: Christmas is coming, and everybody is looking for presents. Why don’t you pop by to browse our shop? Our gift vouchers are especially popular – the amount is up to you, and the voucher will be valid forever. The CDs we showcased last month are still a great option as they include Yuletide music. Particularly for the ladies, we recommend our decorative gold pins shaped like brass instruments as well as special lip balm. Gentlemen might appreciate a bottle opener with an instrument design, which will come in handy during exhausting rehearsal sessions. Of course, there’s always our range of accessories, care products, cases and bags, music stands and sheet music, mutes etc. for you to choose from. Why not equip the player next to you with sheet music clips, a music light, a cupholder, magnets or a magnetic pencil? Just in case they need to help you out when you come unprepared.

We hope you have a great Advent season!

The Kroning family

Product of the month in November: Harmonic Brass products

This month, we’re showcasing our range of products by Harmonic Brass (, which includes CDs and sheet music. We stock the following CDs: “Brassical Dreams”, “In Concert”, “Joy to the World”, “Mouse & Friends” and “Weihnachtsfantasie”. If you’re already keeping an eye out for Christmas presents, we might have what you’re looking for. Also, we sometimes get music groups looking for birthday presents for their members or heads. In that case, we highly recommend a CD that fits the occasion.

If listening to music has put you in the mood for playing music, we have you covered, too. We stock a large selection of sheet music for quintets, ranging from J. S. Bach to today’s composers. Also, we carry sheet music for trombone quartets. If you like to play in small ensembles, you should try these nicely arranged pieces for brass players!

The Kroning family

Product of the month in October: stand accessories

Maybe you don’t even realise what kinds of accessories are available for your music or instrument stand, so, for this month, allow us to introduce you to some of the options available. Our screw-on accessories permanently in stock include a foldable sheet music rack, a practical shelf for small items, a mute holder and various cup holders. For your sheet music to stay where it’s supposed to be, we offer magnets, clamps and sheet music desks that provide a bigger surface for the sheets. Every musician should have a pencil ready at hand for note-taking, and we have you covered there, too: pencils with magnets will stay with your stand at all times. For legibility in poor lighting conditions, our showroom offers a variety of music stand lamps as well as magnets for easy and secure attachment of the lighter models. Of course, we also have bags, so you don’t have to lug your sheet music and instrument stands around unprotected. As a new addition, we now carry practical combination bags for a music stand plus a trombone stand or a music stand plus a baritone horn or tuba stand.

Should you still be looking for a music or instrument stand to go with any of these great accessories, we have a great selection in stock for you as well.

The Kroning family