Product of the month in September: used tubas

This month, we’d like to show you some of our used tubas currently on sale on consignment.

A compact Cerveny Arion B♭ tuba is waiting for a buyer. The instrument is in full playing order, sports four valves and Minibal joints and comes lacquered and slightly dented. The asking price of €2,600 makes this tuba excellent value and includes quite a bit of equipment as well: a leather hand guard and both a gig bag and a durable wooden case with rollers.

Another bargain comes in the form of a four-valve, large-bore B♭ tuba, also made by Cerveny. Its fully functional mechanics feature steel ball joints, and an adjustable thumb ring is provided. The instrument comes lacquered and slightly dented. The asking price of €4,000 includes the tuba as well as a gig bag and plastic case. As options, we offer dent removal and conversion to Minibal joints.

Also in store: a Migma B♭ tuba. This is a beautifully slender tuba with four valves. Its mechanics feature S-shaped pushrods with steel screws. Just like the other tubas, this one is fully ready to play, lacquered and slightly dented. This instrument is a very reasonably priced option at €1,400. A mouthpiece, gig bag and Velcro hand guards are included.

All instruments are available for testing and picking up in our Chemnitz shop.