D/E♭ Trumpet

Our D/E♭ trumpet is the ideal bridge between our piccolo trumpets and B♭ and C trumpets. Thanks to its exchangeable tuning and valve slides, it can cover both pitches without creating the usual intonation issues. The instrument boasts a bright sound without being piercing, and it provides a pleasant responsiveness across registers and at various volumes, as with all Kroning instruments.

  • Hand-hammered and hand-bent bell
  • Trigger for the third valve slide
  • Exchangeable leadpipe
  • Two water keys
  • E♭ tuning and valve slides
  • Bell made from gold brass
  • Bows made from gold brass
  • Slides and mechanical parts made from nickel silver
  • Finished as desired (lacquer, silver or gold plating, brushed and lacquered etc.)
  • Pressure relief vent(s)
  • Exchangeable bell
  • D tuning and valve slides

We use valve assemblies by J. Voigt or Meinlschmidt, as required. The latter are equipped with bronze valve caps and lubricating grooves.

  • 0.425”
  1. Very open, nickel silver, one-piece

  2. Open, very long cylindrical section, brass, one-piece

  3. Medium open, nickel silver, with a separate leadpipe ferrule

  4. Open, nickel silver, one-piece

1. Gold brass, medium open, 0.018” thick, rim diameter: 4.331”

2. Gold brass, open, 0.018” thick, rim diameter: 4.331”