Bass trumpet in Bb model Ingolf Günther

The Ingolf Günther B♭ bass trumpet was developed in collaboration with the second solo trombonist of the Robert-Schumann-Philharmonie Chemnitz, Ingolf Günther. He was looking for an instrument with perfect intonation that could provide a direct and clear sound in brass music applications, particularly small ensembles, without sounding dominating or sharp. Of course, the instrument is also suitable for symphonic applications, trombone choirs and brass ensembles. Apart from its intonation and sound, Mr. Günther was also very interested in good handling characteristics, and, through valve positioning and a certain pipe layout, we succeeded in creating a particularly balanced instrument.

  • hand-hammered and -bent bell
  • 2 water keys
  • hand-bent corpus
  • bell and corpus in red brass
  • bows in red brass
  • slides and mechanical parts in nickel silver
  • Finish of your choice (clear-lacquer, silver plating, gold plating, brushed and lacquered, etc.)
  • decompression bore(s)
  • trigger for the main tuning slide
  • nickel silver rim
  • corpus and bell in yellow brass

We use valve assemblies by J. Voigt or Meinlschmidt, as required. The latter are equipped with bronze valve caps and lubricating grooves.

  • 0.512”
  • 6.89”