With our kuhlohorn, we honor the past while creating something new. The instrument is inspired by old designs from Johannes Kuhlo’s times, but has some modern touches, such as a trigger as standard equipment and the option to add a fourth valve and a flipper for better handling. After meticulous development work, we are now able to provide state-of-the-art intonation, and the exchangeable leadpipes mean that the horn can be tailored to your personal taste.

  • Hand-hammered and hand-bent bell
  • Hand-bent branch
  • Trigger for the third valve slide
  • Exchangeable leadpipe
  • 2 water keys
  • Conical main tuning slide
  • Corpus made from gold brass
  • Bows made from gold brass
  • Slides and mechanical parts made from nickel silver
  • Finished as desired (lacquer, silver or gold plating, brushed and lacquered etc.)
  • Fourth valve
  • Flipper for the left hand
  • Pressure relief vent(s)

We use valve assemblies by J. Voigt or Meinlschmidt, as required. The latter are equipped with bronze valve caps and lubricating grooves.

  • First to third valve: 0.433”
  • Fourth valve: 0.441”
  1. Open, relatively long cylindrical section, nickel silver, one-piece
  2. Medium open, very long cylindrical section, brass, one-piece
  3. Medium open, long conical section, nickel silver, with a separate leadpipe ferrule
  4. Tight, very long conical section, nickel silver, with a separate leadpipe ferrule
  5. Very open, very long cylindrical section, nickel silver, one-piece

I have had one of Kroning’s kuhlohorns for a while now, and I’m very satisfied. When they make an instrument for you, they’ll absolutely listen to your wishes and ideas and implement them. The horn’s intonation, quality of tone and responsiveness are top-notch. It practically plays itself – a fact others who have sampled the horn have confirmed. Also, I can recommend the Kronings themselves – great people I’m happy to call my friends. They’re true to their business philosophy, really competent and honest – please don’t change.

Stefan Türk, Grüna

I received my new 4 valve kuhlohorn from Meisterinstrumente Kroning just before Christmas.

I have neck problems and my left hand is missing, just a stump, so weight distribution, comfort and ease of handling was an important consideration for me in choosing a new instrument, as was a tone more towards the French horn/flugel area.

Bernhard and his team were extraordinarily helpful in guiding my choice and offering advice regarding adaptations that could be made, enabling 80% of the weight of the instrument to be supported by my stump while all the valves are controlled by my right hand.

Not only are the solutions perfectly effective, but the horn is an aesthetic delight, visually and tonally, and it is superbly crafted. I was already very keen to develop my playing, but having such a lovely horn to play has added yet another level of encouragement: I’d play for hours if my lip would allow me to!

I recommend Meisterinstrumente Kroning wholeheartedly.

Steve Williams, Otley, UK