Product of the month in April: Kroning tenor tuba, large bore

Dear Customers,

This month, we’d like to give you a closer look at our tenor tuba, which has been developed primarily for use in philharmonic orchestras and brass ensembles. If you use a euphonium or baritone horn for Bydlo, Don Quixote or Mahler’s Symphony No. 7, you might find switching to our tenor tuba will make the parts quite a bit easier for you and may even delight your conductor thanks to the instrument’s particularly dark tone! But this isn’t the only application where our tenor tuba shines. It has the potential to carve out a place of distinction as a first and/or second tuba in a tuba quartet, as an alternative to the euphonium in larger ensembles or as a participant in a trombone choir. Its warmer quality compared to a euphonium helps it mix in with other traditional brass instruments, but, at the same time, its sustainable and rich sound makes it a competent soloist as well. Particularly if equipped with five valves and one or more triggers, our tenor tuba boasts a lot of versatility in terms of pitch and can play a variety of roles from contrabass to tenor and alto. Handcrafted and equipped with an incomparably precise Meinlschmidt valve assembly, our tenor tuba meets the highest quality standards and, if cared for properly, is durable enough for you to pass it on to future generations!


Kroning family