Product of the month in April: multiple-instrument cases and bags

It’s a problem particularly trumpeters are familiar with: transporting several instruments to rehearsals and performances without loading yourself down with multiple cases and bags. We have the solution! Waiting for you in our showroom are various cases and bags that will fit up to three instruments from piccolo trumpets to flugelhorns. We stock a selection of sizes as well as weight and price categories at all times and will happily order one of many more for you. From a Gewa bag fitting up to three instruments to an Ipac system Protec case that adjusts to your instruments or a light Bags case for one concert flugelhorn plus one concert trumpet or even a Protec trolley for up to four instruments (must be ordered), you will definitely find the right solution to your transport needs. Also, if you often travel with both an alto and tenor trombone, for example, there are cases and bags available for just that purpose. Pack up your instruments today and stop by to try some cases and bags at our workshop! Best regards, The Kroning family