A brace for Falko Munkwitz’s sackbut

Last December, we received a very special job. Falko Munkwitz, Echo Klassik award winner and solo trombonist with our own Robert-Schumann-Philharmonie, commissioned us to manufacture a removable brace in the style of Renaissance instrument-making to fit his beautiful sackbut. The part is a flat brace equipped with two hinges that allow the bent ends to be closed around the outer slides and with two clasps to latch the brace in place. The entire surface of the brace is engraved. Many hours of meticulous craftsmanship and concentration went into the brace, and Mr Munkwitz was able to pick up the finished product before Christmas Eve, as an early Christmas gift, so to speak. As you can see, he seems quite satisfied with the precision of the work, the craftsmanship of the engraving and the new flexibility of his instrument.