High B♭/A trumpet

Our high B♭/A trumpet rounds off our trumpet range on the high-pitch end. The highest-pitched type of trumpet, it is expected to boast brilliant sound, precise intonation and easy response, all of which, once again, we have been able to incorporate into our instrument. Our selection of leadpipes and bells satisfies a variety of requirements in terms of tone.

  • Hand-hammered and hand-bent bell
  • B♭ and A leadpipe included
  • A-pitch retaining rings for the valve slides included
  • 1 water key
  • Bell made from gold brass
  • Bows made from gold brass
  • Slides and mechanical parts made from nickel silver
  • Finished as desired (lacquer, silver or gold plating, brushed and lacquered etc.)
  • Trigger for the third valve slide
  • Pressure relief vent(s)
  • Exchangeable bell

We use valve assemblies by J. Voigt or Meinlschmidt, as required. The latter are equipped with bronze valve caps and lubricating grooves.

  • 0.039”
  1. Medium open, long cylindrical section, nickel silver, one-piece
  2. Tight, long cylindrical section, brass, one-piece

2. Medium open Scherzer model

4. Tight, similar to Schilke