Product of the month in December: Christmas presents

Dear Customers,

You might have guessed it: December’s product of the month is Christmas presents. If you’re still short on those, you might want to stop by to browse our shop. We have everything a musician’s heart might desire – and not just for brass players! In addition to music stands, for example, we offer a variety of accessories such as cup holders, mute holders, various shelves and extensions for sheet music desks, lamps, magnets etc. We also stock metronomes and tuners. Our gold-plated instrument-shaped pins and bottle openers with an instrument engraving make excellent gifts, too. If you don’t want to play music yourself but simply enjoy listening to it, we offer CDs with brass sounds for Yuletide or any other occasion. As always, our usual range of products awaits: accessories, care products, cases and bags, mutes, sheet music, instrument stands, brass instruments by various manufacturers etc. Not sure what the right gift is for a specific person? Go ahead and get them a gift voucher!

All the best and happy Advent season!

The Kroning family