Product of the month in November: cleaning products 10 % off

Dear customers,

These days, it’s even more important to ensure hygiene and cleanliness. Everything you need to keep your brass instrument clean is available from our shop. Mouthpiece disinfectant is a useful tool that comes in small bottles, will fit any case and can be carried anywhere. Also, we stock small mouthpiece brushes for those times when you want to give your mouthpiece a thorough cleaning under running water. Snake brushes of various sizes adapted to your instrument are available for cleaning it on the inside. You can use them to clean your instrument yourself in the bath with lukewarm water and a bit of detergent. Of course, we’ll be happy to advise you on the right way to do it. For everyday finish care after playing, we have lacquer polish in store, as well as silver polish and silver polish cloths for silver-plated instruments. You can also get the correct polish for a high shine on unlacquered instruments from us. A special spray for neutralising odours will give your instrument case a nice smell. All cleaning products mentioned here come with a 10-% discount for the duration of November! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to talk to us. Contact us, or stop by our shop during business hours.

Best regards,

The Kroning family