Product of the month in February: complete overhaul

Dear Customers,

This month, we’d like to direct your attention to our overhaul service. Yes, it is possible to return your instrument to as-new condition! This involves not just reconditioning the valves but also smoothing out the surface and adding lacquer or another finish as desired. Beforehand, we’ll discuss with you in depth what your instrument needs, help you determine if a complete overhaul is a good investment in your case and talk price. Once we have your go-ahead, we’ll get started. If necessary, the surface will be stripped of lacquer, then the valves tightened and lapped and the instrument’s inside cleaned. We’ll remove any dents and scratches and, if necessary, unsolder the instrument to access parts that are difficult to get to. Everything that can’t be repaired will be replaced. Corroded parts will either be replaced or we’ll add a guard to them. Once the instrument is whole again, we’ll polish it and add a lacquer finish, silver plating, brushed finish etc., as desired – an upgrade that will extend your instrument’s life. If you wish, we can take pictures documenting the repairs.

We’re happy to give you advice and answer all your questions regarding this service.

Best regards,

The Kroning family