Product of the month in September: trombone slide lubricant

Dear customers,

This month, we‘d like to direct your attention to our broad selection of trombone slide lubricants. We carry a broad range to take into the account the fact that each trombone slide is different and has its own requirements for lubricants, according to its construction and age. For example, Trombotine, a light grease, is still a go-to for older slides with a damaged chrome coating or no chrome coating at all. On new and well-maintained slides, Yamaha Trombone Slide Lubricant works very nicely. For the average slide, we have popular lubricants like Slide-o-Mix, Slide-o-Mix Rapid Comfort, Reka Superslide as well as La Tromba Slide Oil P3 on offer. We also recommend a small spray bottle of Slide-o-Mix for spraying water on the slide after greasing, a great accessory to carry in your instrument case. The important thing to remember is not to mix different lubricants as this might lead to clumps. That’s why you should wipe the inside and outside of a slide thoroughly, or have it professionally cleaned, before applying a new type of lubricant. We’re happy to give you advice on choosing the right lubricant for your trombone slide.

Best regards,

The Kroning family